How online payment works

All you have to do is to insert the details required, practice id and the client code highlighted in our letter, your credit card number and with a simple click, the payment is already made.
The receipt will be sent by e-mail. The amount is charged in bank statement with the usual currency expected by the Institute that issued the credit card.


You can pay from your office, from home or from any internet point avoiding the long and annoying queues in banks or post-offices.


Payment can be made by Visa, Visa Electron, Postepay and Mastercard.


Payment can be made instantly, when and how you want it, 24hours per day and 7days per week.

Security in payment

The payment procedure is made through a secured link: details of the credit card used are protected by the security system SSL (Secured Socket Layer) for 128bit: a well-established industrial standard , used in all cases where it is necessary to render secretly details transpired on the internet, which requires that reserved information travels only in a very secured and cryptic way.

Cost of service

The cost of the service depends on the bank that executes the transaction.

Privacy Policy

The following is the procedure of the site regarding the use of personal information of our clients that consult our website.

This is about some information regarding the EU REGULATION 679/2016 to those that interact with our services accessible via web through our company site The privacy policy is inspired on the recommendation of the law n.2/2001 which, the European Authorities for privacy policy protection adopted to locate some minimum standards for the collection of personal information on-line, and in particular, procedures, timings and nature of information that the subscriber has to provide when they connect to the website, regardless of the reason why they get connected. The privacy policy is given only to the above websites and not for other websites that the subscriber visits.

Use of personal information
The use of information connected to services of our website is done in our company buildings and are taken care of exclusively by people assigned to do so. No personal detail deriving from our website services is overspread. Personal details provided by subscribers are used only to execute services required for and are communicated to third persons only when it is necessary.

Users of Information
Following the consultation of this website, there can be the use of details regarding identified or unidentified persons. The "owner" of their treatment is Ge.Ri. Gestione Rischi S.r.l. based in Milan, Via Lago di Nemi 25.

Use of information
  • Navigazione details
    The IT systems and the software procedures placed for the functioning of this website acquire in their normal process some personal information that their use is implicit in internet communication protocols and are therefore not assigned to identification interests.
    In particular, it refers to information regarding IP addresses or names dominated by computers that the subscriber uses to connect to the website and other parameters linked to the operative system and to the IT environment of the subscriber.
    These details are used only to gain anonymous and static information to be used on our website and to control the good function of our site.
    It is called to notice that the details can be used to attain responsibilities in case of IT crimes and damages on our website or to others websites connected to each other.

  • Cookies
    There is no use of cookies for the transmission of personal information, neither is there any use of persistent cookies of any kind, which is the traceability of subscribers.
    The use of the so called session of cookies ( that are not memorized in persistent ways on the subscriber’s computer and the disappearance with the close of the browser) is strictly limited to the transmission of the identification session (composed of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to authorize a secured and efficient exploration of the site.
    The use of the mentioned cookies avoid the use of other IT techniques subjected to high risk of exposing reserved information of subscribers and they do not acquire personal and identification information of the subscriber.

Optional underwriting of personal information
Apart from what has already been specified for the navigation details, the underwriting of personal details id is optional but a possible refusal to provide it can cause the impossibility to access the required service.

Ways of use and security measures
Personal information are treated with automatic and manual means, and are strictly necessary to obtain aims for which they were gathered. Specified security measures are observed to avoid data loss, illegal or incorrect use and unauthorized access.

Rights of the concerned
The persons to which the personal information refers to can exercise in any given moment their right as stated in the “Art. 7 del D.Lgs n. 196/2003”.
In particular, they can obtain the confirmation or not of the existence of their personal information, the respective disposal of it can require cancellation of it, the transformation into anonymous of it, that is the block of information used in violation of the law, as well as the update, the correction, the supplementation or the contest of it, for legitimate reasons, to the use of the same.

To apply the above rights, and to obtain major information, subscribers can ask the person in charge of the use of the company’s privacy policy rights and in particular the Supervisor of the privacy policy, which is the Human Resource Department of Geri HDP S.r.l at our Head office in Via Lago Di Nemi, 25 Milan.

Web Privacy Policy
Considering that the perfection state of automatic control mechanisms cannot exempt them from errors and malfunctions, we specify that this document that incorporate the Privacy Policy of the Geri HDP website will be subjected to updates.